JACK'S SMACK: Haith can only hope his players become more coachable

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I've got a question right out of the box. Is it too early to punch the panic button on the Missouri basketball team?

Maybe, maybe not. I think it's something we need to address.

We're about a third of the way through the conference season and this team looks lost to me. I'm having a difficult time trying to put my finger on it. I get the impression some of these players might be a little selfish.

Not all the time, but when they fall behind in games, they lose the concept of togetherness. It gets a little shoddy…a little ragged.

Too much dribbling, too little passing-- and that's on the coach.

I'm beginning to wonder if Frank Haith can win with a bunch of transfers. He's got basically three good players. They're all transfers; they do all the shooting and most of the scoring.

The Tigers' bench might as well be made of a bunch of intramural players.

Haith gets nothing in the way of production from the subs.  And let's be honest: the SEC is a bad basketball league. Missouri's schedule is back-loaded.

They're getting a bunch of cream puffs early on but they're failing to fatten up on the likes of Georgia, Vandy and LSU.

So what happens when it's their turn to play Florida and Kentucky?

Frank Haith has taken Missouri to the NCAA tournament in each of his first two years. Both times they were bounced early in stunning upsets.

I'm not suggesting Haith should be in trouble, but if he can't navigate through this schedule, how is he going to win in the post season?

It's clearly on the coach and he knows it. Frank Haith can only hope his players become more coachable. It's a problem. What they're doing right now is simply not working.

That's Jack's Smack.

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