Jack's Smack: How will the Chiefs win half of this season's games?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's mid-July and we're talking football.

The Chiefs' rookies and quarterbacks report Sunday to training camp in St. Joe. The full squad reports on the 24th.

I'm still trying to figure out how this team can win half of its games.

They've got the Broncos, Patriots and 49ers in the first five weeks.

They could pick off the Patriots. That’s a Monday night game on September 29.

The Chiefs need to get one of those three games.

I'm really concerned about this offensive line. There are too many holes, and the problem starts at the most crucial spot at left tackle.

Eric Fisher worries me. This guy has been hurt and did very little of the heavy work in OTAs and mini-camps.

They need to find a way to keep the quarterback up right.

Jamaal Charles needs some help this year. They're going to wear the guy out. Running for 1300 yards and catching 70 balls, huh, huh. Let’s get Knile Davis more touches.

As for the draft picks. The #1 guy, Dee Ford, is going to surprise some people. He'll help the Chiefs right out of the gate.

De'Anthony Thomas in the 4th round is a steal. He's a play-maker and a threat to bust one in the return game.

Nothing else excites me about the draft.

I mentioned the schedule. It's tough and the chiefs did nothing in free agency.

Dwayne Bowe better have a monster season.

It's downright scary to think that Donny Avery is the other wide out. Shame on John Dorsey.

I've got the Chiefs winning 7 games this season, but I'm hedging a little, Eight and eight might be a doable number, but that’s only because of Andy Reid. Anything less, blame it on the GM.

That’s Jack’s Smack. 

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