JACK'S SMACK: ‘I like what I see in Alex Smith'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I don't know if you've noticed, but nearly a third of the NFL teams have already turned to their backup quarterbacks only 4 weeks into the season.

Not only did Tampa Bay demote former K-State quarterback Josh Freeman, he didn't even suit up  for the Arizona game over the weekend.

It's never a good feeling to be kicked to the curb, but don't feel sorry for the former Grandview star.

Freeman's base salary this year is $8.5 million.

Former Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassell, subbing for the injured Christian Ponder at Minnesota,

Threw a couple of touchdowns in the Vikings upset win of the Steelers.

Chiefs cut bait with Cassell when the new coaching staff came on board at arrowhead. Cassell landed on his feet as a No. 2 quarterback.

Most of them earn right around $3 million a year.

The Chiefs could not be happier with their situation. And I don't blame them.

Getting Alex Smith from the 49ers for a second round draft pick is a flat out steal.

San Francisco could be guilty of an egregious miscalculation in dumping Smith for Colin Kaepernick.

But, that's their problem.

Everybody was concerned about Smith's inability to throw the deep ball.

Huh, huh. It doesn't matter, because he doesn't have anybody who can chase one down.

It's all about dink and dunk.

In the last two games, Smith has engineered drives of over 90 yards.

Against the Giants, Chiefs went 98 yards in the second quarter for a score. Then at money time, he milked the clock for nine minutes in the fourth quarter, which resulted in a touchdown, to ice it.

I really like what I see in Alex Smith. He doesn't get enough credit for this fast start.

Let's savor the moment. It's all good right now.

This winning ain't going to last forever.

That's Jack's Smack.

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