Jack's Smack: I think Lance Armstrong was a doper, but I'm willing to look the other way

While the cycling world is probably taking note of the Tour de France which is underway, I don't know if the rest of us really give a rip, one way or the other.

But make no mistake, we all know who Lance Armstrong is.

I got to thinking about this today while driving by LIVESTRONG Park on I-435 at the Legends.

CBS 60 Minutes pretty much hung the cycling icon out to dry recently.

They rounded up some of Armstrong's former teammates who blew the whistle on their buddy for using performance enhancing drugs.

Of course, Armstrong, who is retired, denied it. Said he had taken more than 500 drug controls, worldwide, in and out of competition and never failed a test.

Armstrong said, on national TV, "I rest my case."

For some reason, I don't believe him.

I didn't just fall of the turnip truck.

While I'm not real smart, I do know, the good chemists are way ahead of the bad chemists and it seems every athlete who has cheated, has been caught.

Marion Jones passed over 150 drug tests in her career. She never once, tested positive. Not once.

However, Marion Jones later admitted she lied to federal investigators about her doping and spent six months in jail.

Yah, I really do think Armstrong was a doper.

And you know what? I am willing to turn my head and look the other way.

I don't think of Lance Armstrong as a liar and a cheater.

I do feel that way about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire and all those other frauds during baseball's steroid era.

If every athlete, who lied or cheated, went out and raised, more than $300 million dollars to fight cancer, like Armstrong has done, this would be a much better world, for all of us.

Leave Lance Armstrong alone.

That's Jack's Smack.

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