JACK'S SMACK: If the Royals aren't taking themselves seriously, why should we?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On my commute to work today, I was thoroughly engrossed listening to a conversation that was taking place on sports talk radio. The subject concerned the accountability of the Royals.

Before I get started – full disclosure here. I was listening to 810, WHB, where I do some freelance work.

Kevin Kietzman and Danny Clinkscale were calling out Royals manager Ned Yost for leaving the club and missing the first game of the Tampa Bay series so he could attend his daughter's wedding in Atlanta.

Keitzman posed the question to his listeners: "Would Yost miss the 7th game of the World Series if his daughter was getting married?"

Probably not.

Clinkscale then piped in about the timing of this. He was curious about the choice of the night of the week for the wedding. Granted, not too many nuptials take place on a Thursday night.

Then I almost drove off the side of the road when the Clinker delivered a gem. He wondered, out loud on the radio, if it could be a shotgun wedding. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing, but it was highly entertaining.

On a personal note, my daughter got married on a Monday night – not a big night for weddings, and no shotgun involved. My daughter got married on a Monday night because it was cheaper, and you-know-who was paying the tab.

Anyhow, I did agree with both men when they started talking about the Royals' lack of accountability.

Keitzman made the point that George Brett said he would let the team know in about a month or so if he still wanted to be the batting coach.

What kind of message does this send to everyone in that organization?

So far, the Brett experience seems to be working. This team has been so bad, for so long, Brett's presence is all about credibility.

The hitting numbers haven't improved, but the hustle and "want to" on this team has taken a dramatic turn for the better with #5 in the dugout.

The Royals have taken us on a wild ride in the first two-and-a-half months of the season. Nobody knows if this team is going to be any good or not.

But that 30 minutes on the radio this afternoon put it all in perspective. If the Royals aren't taking themselves seriously, why should we?

Let's enjoy the ride.

That's Jack's Smack.

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