JACK'S SMACK: I'm a fan, but let's be honest - the Royals suck

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I think every baseball fan in this town wants the Royals to win. But let's be honest here – the history of this team over the last 25 years tells us they suck.

It's really hard to buy-in these days. I tried this year, even predicting 87 wins. I know, that's pretty ambitious – but why not?

I felt it was doable back on April 1, and I think it's still out there. Now, there can be no more of those four of 19 stretches of crappy ball. It can't happen. It shouldn't happen with this pitching staff.

The next 22 games should tell us all we need to know.

Sixteen of these games are against division opponents. Thirteen of them are against the Indians, Twins and White Sox.

The Royals are in front of all three of those teams in the standings, despite the horrible run of losses in May.

Look, if you can't compete against teams in the lower part of your own division, you deserve no chance. That's where the manager comes in.

It's how he handles this team of Punch-and-Judy hitters, and that's what they are. If Ned Yost proves to be a better strategist, there's no reason the Royals shouldn't be a few games over 500 during this stretch of 22 games.

You expect Moose and Hosmer to pick it up. The schedule is in the Royals' favor. It's now on the manager to pull the right strings.

We don't expect miracles, but I do see this as a perfect time to make a judgment on the future of Ned Yost. He either earns the right to stick around – or they need to make a change at the All-Star break.

That's Jack's Smack.

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