JACK'S SMACK: Is there really parity in college hoops or is the game just watered-down?

The so-called pundits have been telling us all along that eight to 10 teams could win the NCAA Tournament.

I don't know. That might be a little strong. Maybe four or five.

We saw Gonzaga go down. Indiana barely survived an early exit. KU flirted with a first round punch-out.

Louisville is the best team in the tournament, even though I have Miami at the top of my bracket.

Here's the bigger question: Is there really parity in college basketball? Or, is it so watered-down now because of the lack of star power and top-notch talent?

If a player is any good, he's gone after one year. These guys would be nuts to hang around campus and not collect the pro dollars.

So, it's refreshing when you can see a Kansas team play four seniors.

It's ironic. The best Jayhawk is a freshman, and Ben McLemore falls into the category of one and done. He's a lottery pick.

His game has fallen off dramatically since the tournament began. Some wonder if the big stage is too much for him.

Yes and no, I guess. Being so young, maybe. But certainly not from a talent standpoint.

I think McLemore needs to get out of Kansas City.

Two weeks here with rock star status and adulation from the KU fan base has been too much for the young man to handle.

As for this one and done stuff -- it opens up opportunities for others.

A team like Harvard emerges, where the players actually go to class and study -- a rarity for most college athletes.

I despise the term "student-athlete." These universities use these kids. I'm a firm believer players deserve a stipend. But that's a story for another day.

There is one player in this tournament that should be placed way up there on a tower for all to see.

I have no problem putting one of those Superman capes on this guy. His name is Aaron Craft of Ohio State.

He's pretty good player and a much better student. He carries a 3.94 GPA in pre-med.

That's a young man we can truly identify as a student-athlete.

That's Jack's Smack.

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