JACK'S SMACK: It was a boring draft, but no one saw Dee Ford coming

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We've had a little time now to digest what happened in the NFL draft. If not for Johnny Manziel providing us with a few anxious and intense moments, this might have been one of the most boring drafts in recent years.

Other than Michael Sam there wasn't much of a buildup. Sam remained very low key until he was selected in the seventh round. Then pictures of he and his boyfriend began circulating.

From a football point-of-view, the NFL clearly wanted to make Manziel the big deal in this draft. The first round almost felt like it was staged.

The fact the league pushed the draft back two weeks saying Radio City Music Hall wasn't available leaves me overly suspicious.

The NFL doesn't wait for anybody. This was part of the big plan.

The league needs Johnny Manziel. It was like 22 teams conspired to leave Johnny Football sitting in the green room for nearly three hours guzzling water. Of course, the TV cameras were locked in on his every move.

This all played right into the hands of the Chiefs. Manziel, after being passed over 21 times, suddenly was a pick away from the Chiefs’ turn.

It was compelling TV to see if Dorsey and Reid had the guts to pull the trigger and pick a quarterback in the first round. Of course, we'll never know.

The Browns grabbed Manziel before the Chiefs were forced to show their hand. Those 10 minutes certainly had my attention.

The question to you: how excited can any fan be when your team picks a concert pianist in the first round?

Look, Dee Ford might turn out to be a great football player, but no one saw this coming. When his name was called it was a giant buzzkill.

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