JACK'S SMACK: It's time to play the bracket game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With Selection Sunday bearing down on us, I think we're all starting to pay closer attention to the brackets.

Joe Lunardi seems to have the best grip on what's going on. He's the unofficial mouthpiece of the NCAA committee. At least, he has a pipeline to the people calling the shots.

I certainly don't envy Lunardi at this time of the year -- especially the way this unpredictable season is playing out in college basketball.

Already, five different teams have been No. 1. I kind of like the idea that Gonzaga University has made it to the top as a mid-major.

Zags -- with an enrollment of only 7,800 students -- playing in a bandbox which holds about 6,000 fans. It's a great story.

And I know you can argue the fact they really don't deserve this kind of billing because of an inferior schedule. And they probably don't, but who does?

Anyhow, Gonzaga is the only No. 1 seed I agree with in Lunardi's latest bracket.

Indiana has lost two of the last three. You can say goodbye to a No. 1 seed for the Hoosiers.

I don't think Kansas or Georgetown should be on the top line of the bracket. I prefer a pair of teams from the ACC -- Duke and Miami.

Both have a better RPI number than KU and Georgetown, and both have played a much more difficult schedule. I haven't seen where the refs have done either one of these teams any favors along the way.

You'll never convince me Kansas deserves a No. 1 seed after losing to the worst team in the league. TCU lost every game in the conference by double digits, except one.

Not only did they beat Kansas, but they held the Jayhawks to their lowest point total of the season.

TCU was not only a bad loss but an unforgivable loss for KU, and they shouldn't be rewarded after that debacle in Ft Worth.

That's Jack's Smack.

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