JACK'S SMACK: It's Wichita State's time

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - To all you Wichita State Shocker fans, go right ahead and pound your chest and why not take a bow? Your team remains unbeaten-- the only one, left standing.

I can only hope the Syracuse loss will silence those naysayers who keep chirping about the Shockers’ soft schedule.

It’s not the best, but look at who some of these big time BCS schools are playing.

Boston College with an RPI in the 190's goes into that mammoth building at Syracuse and takes down the No. 1 previously unbeaten orange.

We watched a rag-tag bunch from Texas Tech, with an RPI over 100, nearly storm the court against Kansas.

Jayhawks got lucky and squeaked out a win. You can have a team full of McDonald All-Americans multiple lottery picks and a blue blood reputation. But you know what? Teams like Boston College and Wichita State don't give a rip.

The players really are college students. They go to the class. They actually study and most of them graduate. That’s amazing in itself.

Sports Illustrated just hit the newsstands with a featured story on the Shockers. They're right there on the cover.

There isn't a team more deserving. The Shockers are the biggest sports story in Kansas and they have been all season.

KU and K-State won't play them. The Jayhawk and Wildcat fan bases don't like them. And now, all of America knows why. 28-0. Perfect.

It’s worth repeating. Wichita State is the only unbeaten team in college basketball. Amen.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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