JACK'S SMACK: Chiefs fans have a lot to look forward to with Andy Reid as coach

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the belated firing of Scott Pioli, the Hunt family moved swiftly in the midst of the greatest housecleaning at Arrowhead in nearly 25 years.

I'll be honest with you, I haven't done a complete 180 on Andy Reid, but I'm trying to understand what the Chiefs are attempting to do.

At my old age, I chose to listen for once, instead of running my mouth on this one.

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Initially, I wanted a younger, more energetic type of coach from the college ranks or someone from a Ken Whisenhunt mold with NFL experience. At first, I thought Reid needed some time away from the game. He just seemed tired and worn out.

I thought he might want to step away and spend some quality time with his family, who has been dealt some pretty traumatic blows recently. But some of my Missouri connections have nothing but glowing reports about the 54-year-old coach, both professionally and personally.

He was the offensive line coach under some bad teams in the early 90s. I know that was more than 20 years ago, but I'm told Reid had a very good football mind and was a solid character, even in his early 30s.

His NFL resume is impressive. It's obvious – he cares about people. Look at what he did for Mike Vick. Still, those close to the Eagles say Reid cost his teams a lot of games over the years with poor decisions. He had total control of personnel.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie spent a lot of money on the defense a year ago and the team went 8-8. This year, the Eagles bottomed out with only four wins. I'll say this for Hunt; he took the bull by the horns and wasted no time in his pursuit to hire a new coach.

Much has been reported about the committee of seven who handled the interview process. That doesn't bother me. Does it really matter as long as they get it right?

Recent history shows the Chiefs have done a lousy job in getting it right when it comes to selecting the right head coach.

The last three, and four of the last five, were on the job for three years or less. Clark Hunt has been in control for six years and he's already on his fourth head coach.

In all fairness, this is the first of his choosing.

Even despite the skeptic in me, I think Kansas City sports fans have a lot to look forward to. For the first time ever, the Chiefs and Royals are set to be competitive at the same time. We're talking about a period covering 50 years.

All I can say is Hallelujah. It's about time.

That's Jack's Smack.

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