JACK'S SMACK: Kansas State has a shot at the national championship

Over the years, the national media has pretty much refused to take college football seriously around here, perhaps for good reason.

But they have no choice now, thanks to an unbelievable run by Kansas State -- seven straight wins and counting.

The Wildcats are one victory away from being in position to make a legitimate run at the national championship.

If they beat Texas Tech this week, the ‘Cats have a shot at going undefeated. If that happens, they should be in, according to the latest BCS standings.

It's high time the rest of the nation takes notice of the Wildcats.

The build up to the K-State/West Virginia game was tempered by Herbie Herbstreit and the TV boys.

While they all picked K-State to win, there is no question in mind they're still not convinced the ‘Cats are the real deal.

Herbie made the statement that "K-State had never played under the lights in Morgantown in prime time, and they were in for something they had never experienced."


How about the ‘Cats scoring on eight straight possessions, Herbie? How about the ‘Cats leading 52-7 after three quarters in prime time?

That game, in that setting Saturday night, should be enough to win over any doubters of this football team.

You look at the magic Bill Snyder is pulling off in Manhattan, and then take a close look at the sorry state of football only an hour and a half to the east.

Kansas, after getting blasted at Oklahoma, has now lost 16 straight conference games. The Jayhawks are 2-27 in the league in the past four seasons.

KU still has five league games remaining, and will be heavy underdogs in at least four of them.

Look, I like Charlie Weis a lot. He's a good coach, but this is a dead-end job.

It wasn't long ago I suggested the chancellor pull the plug on football at KU. I've seen nothing that makes me want to change my stance.

There's one positive in all of this: The more football games KU loses, the more contract extensions will be given to Bill Self.

The Jayhawks can't afford to lose him.

In the meantime, Bill Snyder and his Wildcats will carry the banner not only for their school and the Big 12 conference, but the state of Kansas, as they continue their march to a national championship.

That's Jack's Smack.

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