JACK'S SMACK: Kei Kamara is done in Kansas City, he won't be back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Let's tie up a few loose ends from the long Labor Day weekend.

Soccer is gaining some serious momentum in this city. We had the All-Star game this summer and sold-out crowds for every game at Sporting Park. But the sport is going to screw it up if it's not careful.

I've never liked the idea of letting your players just disappear and go off somewhere else and play for another team during the middle of the season. I know they do it in Europe and the MLS is the biggest copy-cat in the world when it comes to the way soccer is presented in this country.

Kei Kamara, who led Sporting Kansas City in scoring the last three seasons, has decided he's too good to play in the MLS. Kamara has bolted for the English Soccer League again.

He skipped out earlier this year to play in the Premier League but couldn't cut it over there and came back to Kansas City

Now, he's headed back to Europe, only this time to play for a second tier league.

He's done here. He won't be back.

Kamara, who happens to be one of the most popular players with the fans, basically skipped town in the middle of the night. After the game Saturday night, he gathered up his possessions and was on a plane and out of here the next day.

Sporting cut a deal with the English Soccer League for a big chunk of money.

This whole thing is just another reason it's hard to take this sport seriously.

Graham Zusi and Matt Besler have been all over God's creation playing for the national team. Meantime, Sporting is trying to win the "Supporters Shield" without their two best players.

I'm sorry, I don't get it and it's stupid.

Let's just hope the NFL doesn't let the Chiefs loan Jamaal Charles to the Broncos for two weeks in November.

That's Jack's Smack.

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