JACK'S SMACK: KU hoops will win Big 12 -- because Mizzou left

We have been led to believe the hoops rivalry between Kansas and Missouri is dead in the water.

Maybe so, but not in my little world.

Not on paper, anyway. I refuse to let this go away.

After all, it's no fun if I can't make my annual prediction on how KU and MU will finish the season. I'm leaning on Kansas to win another conference title.

I say that with some reservation. I'm not completely sold on this Jayhawk team -- too many freshmen.

Bill Self will have to weave some magic to get the chemistry right with this bunch, and he's pretty good at that.

I think Baylor has better overall talent in the Big 12, but Scott Drew will screw it up.

KU is fortunate that Missouri saw the light and bailed for the SEC. There is no question in my mind –- none -- that the Tigers would win the Big 12 if they hadn't joined the SEC.

By the way, we keep hearing that the SEC is all about football. This just in: The SEC has won three of the last seven NCAA basketball championships.

The Big 12 and the Big 8 haven't won three in the last 60 years.

I don't know if you noticed, but Phil Pressey has been named SEC pre-season player of the year. That's a pretty strong statement with all the thoroughbreds at Kentucky and Florida.

Missouri is picked third. It would be tough for Kansas to crack the top three in the SEC this year.

This will be Missouri's best team in two decades. The timing of Mizzou changing leagues could not work out better for KU fans.

The Jayhawks should win their 9th consecutive conference title.

My only regret about Missouri leaving the Big 12 is they did it one year too early. The Tigers would have owned the Big 12 this year.

That's Jack's Smack.

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