JACK'S SMACK: Matt Cassel must go, now!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It took 19 years without a playoff win, but it sounds and looks like the football fans in this town have had it with anybody who has anything to do with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Can you blame them? That pathetic and disgraceful performance against San Diego appears to be the final straw.

This football team is a total mess from top to bottom.

The owner inherited a billion-dollar business, and he's well on the way to screwing it up -- which is almost impossible to do with an NFL franchise.

The GM is going to let a no-talent, grossly-overpaid quarterback ruin his dream job.

Matt Cassel must go, now!

We've seen enough -- more than enough -- in three-plus years. He's got most of his money, over $42 million in the last three years or so. He's set for life. His kids are set for life.

It's time for him to get the heck out of here.

He reminds me more and more of a poor man's Lin Elliott. The Chiefs need to play Brady Quinn, now.

Play Ricky Stanzi if you have to – heck, go with this Youtube guy in a pinch.

Why not?

You can kiss this season goodbye. The Chiefs are cooked.

The thing we must fear the most is that this team might get lucky and win a couple of games, really messing up their order in the draft.

We'll take our chances on that.

Clark Hunt is about to find out what we really think of his football team.

TV blackouts, oh yeah, they're coming to KC. It will happen before there's a frost on the pumpkins -- mark it down.

That's Jack's Smack.

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