JACK'S SMACK: Mike Alden had no faith in Haith

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mike Alden is now poised to hire a basketball coach for the sixth time since becoming athletic director
at Missouri. Frank Haith could read the writing on the wall because he was a dead man walking at old Mizzou.

Let’s be honest, he was never a good fit there. He couldn't shake the baggage he brought from Miami.

He tried hard. Haith was all over the state, glad-handing at every turn.

He's a nice guy. Nobody ever questioned that, but a lot of people did have concerns about his ability to coach and lead. He had to recruit rental players, and too many of them is never a good thing.

That was his predicament at Missouri. The players were selfish.

Missouri won 23 games last year but failed to make the NCAA tournament. The Tigers couldn't draw flies in that big arena. The majority of the fan base didn't care and didn't show up.

The pressure now turns to Alden. Since running Norm Stewart off, Alden's track record of hiring basketball coaches, leaves a lot to be desired.

Now we're going to find out quickly how serious Missouri is about its basketball program. Will Alden be able to hire somebody like a Gregg Marshall or will he go out and reel in another rhinestone cowboy like Quin Snyder?

What do you think? I say the latter.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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