JACK'S SMACK: Mizzou can't get it right when it comes to coaches

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is every indication to believe Mike Alden cannot get it right in hiring basketball coaches at Missouri. He hasn't yet in three tries.

Another disaster is in the making in Columbia. When your team is playing its biggest game of the season and your players check out on you, you've got some serious problems.

That happened at Tennessee.

Missouri's basketball team is a mess. It’s embarrassing. 45 points: that’s the fewest the Tigers have scored in the shot clock era. Their five assists is an indictment on one of the most selfish teams in school history.

This program has been in a free fall since that cushy non-conference schedule. And by the way, the 12-1 record is a fraud. Frank Haith is taking a lot of heat-- and he should. 

Let me say this, Frank Haith a good man. He's traveled the state and massaged the fan base, but this program doesn't need a goodwill ambassador.

Missouri needs a head basketball coach who will crack the whip. Missouri needs a head basketball coach who will teach his players you don't dribble through zone defenses. Missouri needs a head coach who will find his own players and quit recruiting dissatisfied transfers.

This plan is not working.

What Missouri needs most is a change, and aha...that ain't happening for at least another year. A change would be admission by Mike Alden that he screwed up yet another coaching hire. 

There is no excuse for the way this team has self destructed in the past month.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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