Jack's Smack: Mizzou finally getting some well earned respect

At last the Missouri Tigers are finally getting some well deserved respect. Tiger fans, wherever you are, hold your heads high.

You know what? This may not be the kosher thing to do, but what the heck.

M-I-Z, Z-O-U.   

Be proud, you've earned it. You've taken a lot of crap along the way. You're being rewarded as America's #2 team in the latest polls. Mizzou got two votes, for #1. Only Kentucky is better.

And props to our Kansas friends who finally made it to the top 5. The Jayhawks have been trying to catch the Tigers all season. They're still in a chase mode.

Anyhow, the most rewarding part of Missouri's win at Baylor was that it silenced all those critics and skeptics who can no longer discredit Mizzou because of its schedule.

Sure, the haters are out there. You know who they are. You know where they are. You can see them in your rear-view mirror.

Just ignore ‘em, be above them.  They're all front runners, anyway.

There's not another basketball team in America that has duplicated what Missouri accomplished over the weekend. The Tigers taking down a top 5 team, on the road – that's special, that's hard to do.

So, savor the moment, #2 in the land and best in the Big 12. That big shiny trophy is right there for the taking.

That's Jack's Smack.

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