JACK'S SMACK: More baseball, less commentary during televised games

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While I’m certainly ready for this baseball season to begin, I'm not ready for the reincarnation of Howdy Doody in the TV booth. Two and a half hours of Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler is more than I can handle.

You tell me the entertainment value in watching a grown man twirl a baseball in his hands. The guy makes me nervous.

I tuned in last night, eager for a glimpse of what the Royals look like, and mostly I got my fill of Hudler in the first two innings.

Fox Sports KC showcased this clown more than any player on the field. We were forced to watch everything from Hudler jumping out of airplanes at least 3 times to hearing about the wonderful job Dayton Moore and Ned Yost have done with this team.

Hudler seemed most amused when Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was mimicking him during an interview from the dugout.

I'm okay with a certain amount of unbridled optimism, but when it’s contrived and forced and the person is slobbering all over himself, I don't want it.

Watching Hudler was more painful than seeing 36-year-old Bruce Chen get battered by the Seattle Mariners.

With Chen, I can only hope it’s part of spring training. But in the case of Howdy Doody in the TV booth, he's already forced me to mute the sound on my TV.

This could be a long season if my radio should go on a blink.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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