JACK'S SMACK: Prepping for March Madness, who's in and who's out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I might be fudging a little, but I’m ready to go ahead and drill into what the next four weeks might hold around here for March Madness.

The Missouri Valley tournament is underway in St. Louis. Wichita State is poised to win three more and enter the high stakes tournament-on a 34 game roll.

Don't kid yourself, Jayhawks and Wildcat fans will be locked in on the Shockers in their own curious way.
There is an intense jealousy factor here of everything Wichita State represents. What stings the most is the fact the Shockers are recognized as a better team than both Kansas and Kansas State.

Let’s see if the NCAA can get it right and put K-State and Wichita State both in the Midwest in St. Louis. That’s what all the bracketology people are saying, but you just don't know what’s going to happen on Selection Sunday.

Kansas would also be in St. Louis but under the umbrella of the East Regional.

We can only hope the Shockers, with a No. 1 seed, will be lined up to face K-State which will probably go in as an eight-seed.

If they both win their first games and we've got something pretty good. Wichita State versus K-State. KU and K-State are both chicks and won't schedule the shockers. So, let’s leave it up to the tournament.

KU will be a 1 or 2 seed. They've been a top seed five of the last seven years. You get the Jayhawks away from Allen Fieldhouse and they're not any better than probably five or six other teams in this tournament.

Without Joel Embiid, Kansas might make it to the second weekend but that’s it.

Making the elite 8 without their big 7-footer will be hard to do. With seven losses, I'm not so sure they're even a final four team with Embiid.

As for Missouri, it’s been painful to watch the Tigers just stumble through a myriad of blunders. None worse than trying to dribble through a zone defense.

It just re-enforces my notion that their season needs to be over after one game in the SEC tournament.

Let’s save the embarrassment of four straight, first round exits in the NCAA tournament. This event is for teams that deserve to be there. Missouri doesn't. Not this year.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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