Jack's Smack: Preseason game tickets are not worth the price you pay

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It’s good to see the NFL is back up and ready to kick off another season. Always great anticipation as teams get ready.

I love football, but I don't like the way the NFL does business with these preseason games.

First of all, they play two games too many. Most fans don't like to ticket packaging and pricing for these practice games.

Owners don't want to lose the revenue, and players don't want to get hurt. They don't collect their full paychecks until the regular season begins.

In the real business world, the smart thing for those in charge is to cater to their customers.

In the NFL, it doesn't work that way.

The team's charge full freight for games that don't count; games where star players don't play long enough to even break a sweat.

Plenty of tickets are available for Thursday night's game against the Bengals at Arrowhead. Prices range from $34 to $240 per ticket. That's crazy!

Thirty-four bucks to sit up in the nose bleed seats to watch a bunch of guys who will be selling cars and life insurance when camp is done.

Oh, by the way, if you're going to the game, make sure you arrive before kickoff. If not, you could miss Jamaal Charles and his two carries for the night.

Variable pricing is the big rip-off in sports these days. When the Patriots come to town for a Monday night game, the cheapest ticket will run you $60. It's really more like $70 after they tack on fees.

If you want a good look at Tom Brady up close, be prepared to shell out $320, for that seat. Make no mistake.

NFL preseason ticket gouging is one of the biggest scams in all of sports.

Enjoy the game, folks.

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