JACK'S SMACK: Richard Sherman did nothing wrong

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is probably better known to the general public today than any time during his playing career. He's the guy who made the game-saving play in the end zone against the 49ers. And by the way, is the best corner in football.

I haven't heard a whole lot about the game itself, but there's been plenty of chatter about Sherman, and it's not all good.

He didn't hold back in a sideline outburst minutes after the game was over. Sherman was screaming into a reporter's microphone, calling out Michael Crabtree of the 49ers.

You talk about being in the heat of the moment. I've never been a big fan of sideline reporting. There's just not much substance most of the time. Coaches seldom say anything.

These days, sports television seems to view female sideline reporters as an audition for beauty pageants. Let me say this, Erin Andrews is the best of the lot in handling the sideline duties.

Anyhow, in this case, Sherman went off on his own without any prompting from Andrews. He told us about the trash talking between himself and Crabtree during the game. Sherman was overly animated and it appeared to catch Andrews off guard. A producer obviously intervened and stopped it, fearing the worst might come out of Sherman's mouth.

It was a great TV moment.

Some will accuse Sherman of being a blathering idiot. But keep in mind, he was second in his high school class and attended Stanford. He's probably lot smarter than many of us.

In this day of social media, it's refreshing to hear a player speak out.

He did nothing wrong. He looked right into the camera the whole time. It's entertainment.

It's sports for crying out loud. Let's enjoy it.

That's Jack's Smack.

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