JACK'S SMACK: Royals continue to swing and miss with their hitting coaches

The more I watch the Royals rotate these hitting coaches, the angrier I become with the management group.

To the casual fan, Dayton Moore doesn’t get very high marks. We know he’s been in charge of the Royals for the last eight years. We know his plan to fix this team has failed, for the most part. Moore is responsible for a myriad of mistakes in the draft. At the same time, he’s done a nice job in renting other teams’ pitchers.

The big problem is finding guys who can hit the dang baseball!

The fact the Royals are on their FIFTH hitting instructor in the last year is all the evidence you need. Moore and his posse have lost their way.

Mike Moustakas had over 1,500 at-bats to prove himself as a major league hitter – and full disclosure here – I want to pull for the guy, but he has failed. Miserably.

The Royals have had too many people telling him too many different things.

Here’s what blows my mind.

Moose struggles for two years in the majors and the Royals finally send him back to the minors for eight games. Eight games! That’s all. Thirty-one at-bats!

His swing has been broken for two years, and now you say it’s fixed in 10 days. What’s embarrassing… Moose gives credit to his minor league coach, Tommy Gregg. If that guy is that good, what is he doing in Omaha?

It’s hard to figure. The third base coach becomes the hitting coach and the old hitting coach becomes the catchers’ coach. It’s just one happy family and they all get to keep their job. And we wonder why this team has been a mess for such a long time.

That’s Jack’s Smack!

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