JACK'S SMACK: Royals' 'dynamic pricing' is dynamic rip-off

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Royals call it “dynamic pricing,” their fans are calling it a dynamic rip-off.

The Royals could hardly have a better draw than the Cardinals and now-postponed Yankees in the same home stand.

It's one of several times each season the Royals pump-up ticket prices when high profile teams come to town.

What they've done this time borders on ticket gouging and has left a lot of empty seats out there.

The five games through Sunday against the Cardinals and Yankees are averaging less than 25,000 a game.

That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of about 65 percent capacity at Kauffman Stadium which seats about 38,000.

A fan writes, "I went to the Astros game for $60. The same seat for the Cardinals $149. It’s ridiculous."

And remember, that’s per seat.  How many of you go to a game by yourself?

Another writes, "When you increase prices above what the public is willing to pay, people stay home."

Another fan suggests, "They won 86 games and think we should give them a parade."

A dugout box seat for the Cardinals game Monday night is $122. The same seat for the Indians Tuesday night is just $64 bucks.

The Royals might be playing their best baseball of the season right now. 

The empty seats send a clear message: don't jack-up those ticket prices on us. You'd better win something first or at least sell out the joint.

Oh by the way, next time the Astros or Marlins come to town, how bout discounting those same tickets by at least 50 percent. You owe us that.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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