Jack's Smack: Royals have their swagger back

I've noticed a couple of things during this two-week hot streak the Royals have been on.

For once, the team is getting some pretty decent hitting to go along with pitching. They've been pretty darn good since that meltdown in May.

Beating up on teams like the Twins and Astros is expected, but taking out Detroit and Tampa Bay makes a strong statement that this team should be able to compete.

It's become obvious during this topsy-turvy season that these million dollar players must have their egos massaged and butts kicked in order to produce. George Brett is probably getting way too much credit for this turnaround, but it should be noted that because of Brett, I don't see too many players dogging it now.

There seems to be more accountability. We'll see how long that lasts.

The other thing I've noticed – off the field – some of these Royals PR types have gotten their swagger back. Most of them don't want to deal with reporters. They want cheerleaders, cut from the mold of Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc – two of the biggest homers when it comes to broadcasting the games.

There's a certain protocol that is followed when requesting, say, an extended sit-down interview with somebody like Dayton Moore. You need to run it through a representative of the team.

If that person carries a person grudge for something you've reported on, in a negative way, chances are good your request will never even get to Moore.

This team has been so bad, for so many years, those people should savor the fact they're still in demand.

Hank Stram once told me, "When they stop shooting arrows at you, you're in trouble. When that happens, they no longer care."

That's Jack's Smack.

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