Jack's Smack: Royals manager Ned Yost's latest lineup change baffles the mind

I got this feeling watching the Royals that Ned Yost is going to find a way to screw up this baseball team before the season is over. I have nothing personal against the man; I just don't like him as a manager. Never did.
He's a dugout caretaker, who in my opinion, does a lousy job of making out the lineup card on a daily basis.
What really sticks in my craw... how does this manager justify moving Eric Hosmer up to the 2-hole? It's insane, folks. He's there again tonight.
Hosmer, in more than 150 at-bats leading up to this elevation in the order, was hitting about .190. At the same time, he drops Billy Butler down to 6th. I know Butler has been struggling and not hitting home runs, but he carried the team in June during that hot streak by hitting nearly .350. Not only does Yost drop Butler in the batting order, he benched him Sunday.
In Monday's game, he's hitting behind Mike Moustakas.
As for Hosmer, he's done nothing, and the management of this team coddles him like it's some kind of birthright to play every day and bat second in the lineup.
Where is the accountability when other players see the special treatment Hosmer is getting from the manager? It's treatment he hasn't earned or deserved.
Look, I'm still of the belief that this team is good enough to stay in the race because of pitching. We can only hope Yost leaves it alone and lets Dave Eiland handle that end of it.
We don't really expect a whole lot from the skipper. All he has to do is use a little common sense in making out the lineup card. Is that too much to ask of a major league manager?
Sadly, in this case, the answer is yes.
That's Jack's Smack.
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