JACK'S SMACK: San Jose State game shows KU is clearly over-ranked

After listening to Bill Self's scathing critique of his team after the San Jose State game, I couldn't resist jumping in on this one.

I haven't heard a lot of noise from the KU crowd after the Jayhawks stunk up the "House of Phog" Monday night.

By the way, San Jose State came in as a 27-point underdog.

And yes, KU blew a 24-point lead at Allen Fieldhouse, and that in itself is news.

KU was on the ropes after the visitors ran off 16 points in a row in the second half. Not many teams, other than Missouri, have done that in Allen Fieldhouse.

Bill self minced no words. He never does. When it's bad, he'll tell you it's bad.

It must be hard for these rabid KU fans to hear the good coach spit out verbiage like: "We stunk … we couldn't pass it, dribble it, shoot it, screen it, rebound it … we didn't do anything."

Wow! This coming from the head coach of the 10th-ranked team in America.

You think, maybe the Kansas Jayhawks are already too full of themselves! We're still in November, when most good teams like Kansas are still writing checks for their victories.

You're not supposed to sweat it out in games like this -- not when you're favored by 27. It reminds me of Washburn and Chattanooga earlier this month.

In past years, the Jayhawks would bury teams like this by halftime.

As poorly as KU played, Jeff Withey did put on a terrific individual performance: A triple-double, 16 points, 12 rebounds and 12 blocked shots. He saved the day after KU went through a 10-minute scoring drought in the second half.

So what do we make of this?

Perhaps too much. Maybe not.

I see it as another one of those early season red flags indicating this KU team is clearly over-ranked this early in the season.

That's Jack's Smack.

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