JACK'S SMACK: Something's fishy with the Embiid situation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There is something fishy going on with the way KU is handling disclosure of Joel Embiid’s back problems. Any reporter worth a grain of salt became suspicious after Embiid was hustled off to Los Angeles for a second opinion.

KU, from the beginning, referred to the injury as a back strain, stating that rest would be the best cure. Obviously it’s more serious than that.

Somebody screwed up here. It sounds like the injury could have been misdiagnosed, but I’m certainly not suggesting that.

I can't believe KU and Bill Self would have lied to Embiid.

I do believe a lot of coaches are not above misleading the media in speaking the truth about injuries.They all hide behind HIPAA.  But something is terribly wrong here.

I'm not a medical person, but a strain and a fracture are two different animals.

On the day Embiid was being checked out by a spinal specialist in LA, Self was telling reporters Embiid was “pain free” and coming along very nicely in his rehab process. Hours later, the coach did a 180, saying Embiid will not play in the Big 12 Championship and indicated that it’s "a long shot" that he will play the first weekend of the NCAA tournament because of a stress fracture.

Let’s be honest here, in all likelihood, that means Joel Embiid is finished playing basketball at Kansas.

Why would he risk millions of dollars from the NBA to play a few more college games with a bad back?

In light of what is going on, I have to believe Self was trying to put a positive spin on this, sending a message to the selection committee.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Kansas is holding out hope for a No. 1 seed. Without Embiid, KU has no chance of that. It’s conceivable the Jayhawks could slip to a 3 or even the 4 line.

You know what...it doesn't really matter. Without Embiid, I don't see how KU will make it past the second weekend of the NCAA tournament.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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