JACK'S SMACK: The Chiefs mess isn't all Cassel's fault -- it starts at the top

So maybe it really wasn't Matt Cassel's fault after all.

He's been blamed for everything that's gone wrong since Carl Peterson put the Plaza wine merchants out of business when he was run out of town four years ago.

Cassel was knocked silly in the Baltimore game. Brady Quinn made his first start in the NFL in three years against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

It's not even fair to start on Quinn, so I won't.

This football team has so many other warts, even fan-basher Eric Winston can be overlooked. We now have the dubious distinction of having the worst team in the NFL.

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We were running neck and neck with Tampa Bay for that honor until the Buccaneers pummeled the Chiefs by four touchdowns.

You've got to be kidding me -- the freaking Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning by 28 points!

All the hate and vitriol has now shifted from the QB to the general manager. I'm sorry, but we're missing the point here, folks.

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Scott Pioli has been here for less than four years. This football team hasn't won a playoff game in 19 years.

This football team has gone through 12 QB's and six head coaches since a postseason victory.

How can you pin that on Pioli?

If it makes you feel better, go after Pioli for two bad coaching hires. He whiffed on Todd Haley, but it wasn't all his fault.

But Romeo is Pioli's fault.

Why didn't Jeff Fischer want to coach here?

Why didn't Peyton Manning want to play here?

Don't blame Pioli. That's on the Hunt family and their reputation of being tightwads.

Why is this owner $26 million under the salary cap?

The media in this town is too soft. We let the Chiefs get away with gouging us for tickets and parking.

We let the Chiefs off the hook by not demanding better players and better teams. Why should this ownership really take us seriously?

If you owned this team and lived in Dallas and owned a piece of the Fiji islands, would you really be all that concerned about what the fans in KC think?

There's your answer.

That's Jack's Smack.

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