Jack's Smack: The Chiefs' offensive line could be a concern

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Chiefs and every other NFL franchise are more than happy to pass out any propaganda material promoting their teams.

Some of it is okay, but for the most part it’s fluff, promoting whatever they're trying to get out there.

Some in the media are lazy and have no conscience in letting someone else do their homework.

I've seen some stuff floating around about the offensive line. I think it's a legitimate story-line in camp.

The Chiefs say it's the youngest offensive line in the league. The coaching staff has to realize that this bunch could hold the team back.

When you lose 2,000 snaps from three of your better linemen you obviously have some holes to plug. GM John Dorsey screwed up letting Geoff Schwartz walk. That guy could play up and down the line.

There are no guarantees that Eric Fisher can be effective at the most critical spot on the line, left tackle. The guy can't seem to stay healthy. That should make the quarterback a little jumpy.

Rodney Hudson is the best lineman they have. He's solid over center. Four of the starting 5 up front were drafted by the Chiefs. They've got a 3rd rounder, 2 seconds and a first.

You would expect these guys could play.

The Chiefs gave up 41 sacks last season. By comparison, Denver's line, which had been criticized, allowed only 20.

So much is made of the fact the Chiefs didn't do anything to beef up the receiver position. That’s an issue, but so is keeping the quarterback upright.

Even more importantly making sure there's some space for Jamaal Charles to operate.

Look, this offensive line will be the determining factor if the Chiefs can finish second in the division.

Catching Denver is out of the equation, and, from the looks of it right now, double-digit victories is nothing more than a pipe dream.

That’s Jack Smack.

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