JACK'S SMACK: The Royals blew the season opener

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - My first thought after Detroit's walk-off win in the season opener: “Oh boy, here we go again.”

I know it’s only one game, but the Royals still blew it. If they get swept in Detroit, that could turn into trouble.

Remember, they've got to face Scherzer and Sanchez in the next two games. They simply can't afford to throw away any of these games and not to the three-time division champions.

I watched this franchise hatch 45 years ago and the Royals became very good, very fast. They won pennants and playoff games and a World Series.

We grew spoiled. And then the team died on the vine.

We all had to endure a horrible stretch of baseball in this town for about the last 20 years or so. That’s how long the Royals have been digging out of this abyss.

They teased us last summer. Only the Dodgers had a better record after June 1.

We bought in. They spent big money in the off season and now have the highest payroll in franchise history.

After all the suffering we've been through as fans, the Royals quietly raised ticket prices by whopping 25 percent. The biggest hike in major league baseball.

They genuinely believe they have arrived as a competitive team. They've got a little swagger now and there's nothing wrong with that.

The manager got a new contract and so did the GM. Dayton Moore-deserved his-- I'm not so sure about the skipper.

I just don't like the way Ned Yost handles this pitching staff. It took only one game to discover the same "old school" manager.

Ned needs to forget about trying to be like Bobby Cox. These are not the 1995 Atlanta Braves.

This manager does not deserve any more free passes in this town. He needs to win and needs to it now.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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