Jack's Smack: The Royals need more life on the team, make some changes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Can you imagine what would happen if the Cerner boys took over ownership of the Royals?

There would be an immediate blood-letting from top to bottom in the management ranks. No one would survive, and no one out there deserves any more chances.

Unfortunately this is not going to happen. We're stuck with what we have.

Over the weekend in Boston, while being swept by the last place Red Sox, the Royals quit on their manager.

Yost called a closed door meeting after the game before the team headed to Chicago.

This manager must sense the fact his team is beginning to circle the drain.

There's no life, no punch, no energy. The team can't hit. It can't score.

Since the 10-game winning streak in June, 26 games ago, the Royals have won only nine times. That's it.

The trading deadline is July 31st.

They do have options, regardless of what they say. Trade James Shields, trade Wade Davis and throw in Billy Butler at no extra charge. Just do something to get a quality bat or two.

The other option: do nothing.

My hunch, probably the same as yours, is that they will do nothing.

Four years ago, the Royals had the best farm system in baseball. It has reaped virtually nothing. That’s why most of us have little faith anymore.

Why should we?

This once proud franchise is bordering on being classified as a major league fraud. Really. Very simple. The proof is in the pudding.

They haven’t had one playoff appearance in the last 29 years. That hasn’t happened to any professional sports team in America. Football, basketball, hockey and any other main stream sport.

It begs the question; where are the Cerner boys when this city desperately needs them?

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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