JACK'S SMACK: The Royals need to change their mentality

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I'd like to have a nickel for every time I heard a Royals fan proclaim, “Oh, it's still early.”

Judging from what I saw over the weekend in the Detroit series, the Royals could be in a boat load of trouble.

I realize it was only one series, but I don't like what I saw. Thirty games might be a sample size for some, but not me.

We've got 20 years of the worst kind of baseball futility in this town. I'm worn out with all the excuses. There's been too much of that for too long.

The Royals weren't even close to being competitive against Detroit. They came into this season with the mentality that they are really good.

It’s alright to feel good about yourself, but this team is nowhere close to being a finished product.

We all know they can't hit. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't can this batting coach any day now. He'll be the scapegoat.

These coaches are a dime a dozen. Look what they did to their own in running off Kevin Seitzer. 

This team appears to be way too comfortable. They were getting pounded by Detroit and the players were laughing it up with the Tigers while they were standing on the bases. You can't have that-- not when you're getting your brains blown out.

And here's the killer: don't look for this manager to chastise or scold his players. They're all buddy-buddy in the clubhouse and that’s part of the problem right there. Where's the accountability?

I see where some of the players are now grumbling because they get more respect on the national scene than they do in KC.

They can do something about that. The Royals need to get better.

That’s Jack’s Smack.

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