JACK'S SMACK: There's too much noise in Royals' TV booth

We're about a month into the baseball season, and the Royals have certainly created a buzz around here. It's fun to be a fan again.

While most of you are concerned with who's hot and who's not, I want to zero-in on something else. There's been twice as many road games for the Royals up to this juncture, so there's been a lot of TV watching. I've come to the conclusion there's still too much noise in the Royals' TV booth.

It's the same noise from the same people. I'm not sure anybody could tell you how many announcers they have – you need a full set of fingers to count ‘em.

To make me happy, I want two things: I want Denny Matthews on my radio and Ryan Lefebvre on my TV.

That's it.

They're the two best – hands down. They simply go by Denny and Ryan, and everybody knows who they are. They don't need monikers to call attention to themselves.

I really like the work of Joel Goldberg and Jeff Montgomery on the TV side.

It still makes me nervous watching the guy who calls himself "Hud". He continually spins a baseball in his hand while he's on camera. It's very distracting.

He talks down to us as if we're watching the Royals for the first time. Most of us have been around this town for a while and don't need to be reminded who George Brett is.

The other TV announcer, the guy they call "Phiz", comes across as if he's auditioning for some Hollywood game show.

As far as I know, Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc are fine people. I've taken a wait-and-see attitude, hoping they would grow on me as announcers in their second year of doing the Royals games.

It hasn't happened yet.

It makes me realize how much I miss Frank White in the booth. I miss his honesty and sincerity.

I'm reminded of that every time I sit down to watch the Royals on TV.

That's Jack's Smack.

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