JACK'S SMACK: Chiefs are the best they've been in a decade, will win AFC West

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The organized team activities at Arrrowhead, better known as OTA's, have put me in a mood to talk some football.

Now that the so called pundits have had ample time to dissect the draft and free agency, there's all kinds of stuff out there in cyber space predicting how this league will play out.

Of course, nobody knows, when it comes to the NFL.

The New York Giants finished 9-7 last year and won the Super Bowl.

The Green Bay Packers went 15-1 and went home early.

By the way, the Packers only lost last year to the Chiefs.

So, what can we expect from Clark Hunt's team this year?

I'm never shy in letting it fly - I have no reservations in predicting this will be the best Chiefs team in over a decade.

That doesn't mean they'll make a deep run into the playoffs, but if the QB stays healthy, there's no excuse if the Chiefs don't win the division.

First of all, the schedule is a ticket to the playoffs.

The Chiefs will play only five teams that had winning records a year ago - they meet three of them in the first five games of the season.

Tough start, facing four Pro Bowl quarterbacks in the first five games.

If the Chiefs survive September and get to the bye week, it becomes one of the easiest schedules in football.

The Chiefs will play only two teams with winning records in their final 11 games.

Six games against teams that finished 8-8.

In the division, the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers and Raiders have 14 games against common opponents.

It's the other two games that give the chiefs a decided advantage.

A huge advantage. Here's why.

The Chiefs play Buffalo and Indy. Those two teams combined for eight wins and 24 losses last year.

The Broncos play Houston and New England, who won 23 while losing only nine.

The Chiefs can get a four-game swing in the standings.

They win both of their games and the Broncos lose both - and bingo, Chiefs are AFC West champs.

Sound too good, to be true?

No, absolutely not.

And by the way, it's not too early to jump on the KC bandwagon.

All aboard, claim your spot now.

That's Jack's Smack.

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