JACK'S SMACK: This season among the most mediocre in college basketball history

Here we are approaching February, and I'm totally convinced this might be one of the worst seasons in college basketball history when it comes to finding talented teams.

There is not a dominant one out there.

Look at the previously ranked No. 1 teams. Duke gets rolled by 30.  Louisville loses three games in a row after being ranked at the top.

There are probably eight to 10 teams that could be ranked No. 1 because someone has to be. We're obsessed with that.

This week, there's a split at the top. Michigan in the media poll -- Kansas in the coaches poll.

The Jayhawks have won 18 straight, but just how good are they?

West Virginia, an 11-game loser, shoots only 37 percent at home and still takes KU to the wire. Was it KU's defense or bad shooting by the Mountaineers?

I'd say the latter since West Virginia is one of the worst shooting teams in America.

We all know about KU's Hail Mary against Iowa State. Let's be honest -– the Jayhawks had no business winning that game.

Still, KU is as good as anybody out there. There's no competition.

There's only two ranked teams in the Big 12, and three in the SEC.

Other than the Big 10, name a decent conference out there. Duke's a fraud. North Carolina isn't any good this year.

Mountain West, for crying out loud, is the second-best league in the country, according to the RPI.

The Big 12 is looking more and more like the Big 10. Don't even need a shot clock. Milk it down to inside 10 seconds on every possession.

Way too many games in the 50's for my liking.

Most teams are winning ugly. KU had 16 turnovers.

The difference? KU knows how to win, and that's why they're basically getting a free pass to Atlanta.

Just to make sure they don't get tripped up early, the ‘Hawks will start their journey in KC.

By the time the NCAA's roll around, KU will have already played a half dozen games this season at Sprint Center.

This is one of those marginal seasons where you can honestly say it's better to be lucky, than good.

That goes for both teams ranked No. 1 this week.

That's Jack's Smack.

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