JACK'S SMACK: Trade with Tampa shows Royals are in it to win -- and soon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I don't know how this Royals trade is going to play out, but neither do a lot of these media people who pretend to be Connie Mack, Billy Bean and Tony LaRussa, rolled into one.

I think maybe 80 percent of my Twitter followers are opposed to the trade.

I don't get it. I'll take a proven veteran player over a prospect every time.

The Royals have been stockpiling prospects for nearly three decades, and it's produced absolutely nothing when it comes to winning.

All you people groaning about this trade, do you realize this franchise has had one -- yes one -- winning season in the last 18 years.

No playoffs in the last 27 years, and still you're up in arms because you think trading a 22-year-old minor leaguer is going to destroy the franchise? Please!

For once, this owner is making a legitimate move to win and win now -- not in 2018.

Do the research. Tampa Bay traded James Shields to unload salary. Intelligent baseball people will tell you this is not only a quick fix, but this deal will immediately make the Royals competitive and have a legitimate shot at winning 85 games and finishing second in the AL Central.

Forget all this hogwash of depleting the farm system.

There's a kid by the name of Jorge Bonifacio, an outfielder, who is expected to be every bit as good as Wil Myers.

It will take a few years. And sure, Myers has a bright future but at least the Royals might have a future after all, despite the owner.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of watching this franchise finish 15 games under .500 every year.

For once, as fans, let's just be thankful we have a team that's willing to roll the dice -- and I'm betting against snake eyes on this one.

That's Jack's Smack.

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