JACK'S SMACK: Winston insults Chiefs fans with misguided rant

Eric Winston has been getting a lot of play out his locker room tirade.

His distorted and misguided perception of Chiefs fans caught the eye of the national media. People in my business love stuff like this, especially when players go off.

Winston went on a five minute rant about how bad the fans are in this town.

He said 70,000 Chiefs fans were cheering because Matt Cassel lay on the floor of Arrowhead Stadium with a concussion.

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ESPN and all the national people played it over and over -- the part where Winston said 70,000 fans were cheering because Cassel was hurt.

Come on, for crying out loud.

First of all, there were never 70,000 in the building that day.

The cheers that Winston was referring to for the most part came because Brady Quinn was warming up to enter the game.

No one wants to see Cassel hurt, and everybody wants to see a different quarterback for this team.

Look, Winston is a stand-up guy for getting Cassel's back. I respect that.

What bothers me is the fact he used the media to lather up a fan base that has been pushed about as far as it wants to go.

This football team has been so lousy and so bad, for so long. But still, fans have shown their support.

Eric Winston has done everything he could possibly do to split and destroy any allegiance there might be between the team and its fans.

Winston's choice of words, referring to fans as "you people," is cold, calloused and insulting.

He's been collecting a paycheck for about four months in our town. Winston said he was embarrassed, like never before, in any other place he's played.

Look, if Arrowhead is such a horrible place to work, get the hell out of here.

Remember this: With no fans cheering, Eric Winston will never again have to worry about that "sickening feeling" he supposedly experienced wearing a Chiefs uniform.

And oh, by the way -- it's obvious he didn't learn from the old adage, "Never bite the hand that feeds you."

Good luck, Eric Winston. You'll need it.

That's Jack's Smack.

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