JACK'S SMACK: With 3 more wins, Snyder will go down as greatest college football coach ever

There's no backing down on this one.

I firmly believe that with three more wins this season, Bill Snyder deserves to go down as the greatest college football coach ever.

Just examine what the man has accomplished with this one-time downtrodden program -- an incredible success story in Manhattan, Kan. Look what he has done for the community, in addition to the wonderful things at the university.

Remember -- the Big 8 was poised to kick K-State to the curb at one time. It's hard to believe, but K-State was even worse in football than KU.

When you talk the best ever, that's obviously pretty strong stuff, especially when you compare Snyder to the likes of The Bear, Doctor Tom, Bobby and the other great coaches.

Bill Snyder belongs at the head of the class.

Many of you disagree and that's fine. I can only assume it's out of jealousy.

Come on now. How could anyone make derogatory remarks about "The Coach"?

I'm not surprised to learn who the real haters are. They show up on my Twitter account, with some kind of handle attached to their identity.

@KUsjw writes, "Tom Osbourne just threw up. Greatest ever? Don't act so small time."

@JamminJayhawks had this little ditty to offer: "Some things never change Snyder can coach & you still sux."

Here's another one: "History shows snyder, whifs, in the big games"

I find it ironic, that a Missouri fan shows some real class and has praise for the K-State coach.

@Mizzou2SEC says, "The guy is a wizard."

The purple nation should enjoy this. There has never been a better time to be a Kansas State Wildcat.

Not only is your team on the threshold of winning a national championship, but your proud university will be represented by the best college football coach ever.

That's Jack's Smack.

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