Jack's Smack: Yost is still tinkering with the batting order too much, likes to play hunches

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Recently, I was critical of Ned Yost for moving Eric Hosmer up to second in the batting order. At the time, Hosmer was struggling at the plate.

Now, the manager looks like a genius on this one, at least for the time being.

Hosmer is the hottest hitter on the team at the All Star break. Not so fast on this one.

We know what Hosmer is capable of, but he hasn't shown he can put it all together for a full season.

My pet peeve with this manager hasn't changed .

He likes to tinker with the order too much.

I think I understand what he's up to; he likes to play hunches. This guy must lay awake at night trying to figure out what to do with Moose and Butler.

I guess Moose is always a threat to hit one out. I mean, who else can they turn to?

Butler, a lifetime 300 hitter, is nowhere close to that and hasn't been all season.

I think they're whistling in the dark on country breakfast. He's lost bat speed. He's lost power, and I can out-run him. His eight year stay in KC is about over.

If the Royals are going to make a legitimate run in the second half of the season Alex Gordon needs to be healthy. A bad wrist is never a good thing.

The Royals maintain that rest will be the cure. We'll see.

I'm still of the belief that the Royals will hang around and have a chance in September to get one of those Wildcard playoff spots; if they can find a bat.

If they can't, all bets are off.

That means the longest playoff drought in major North American sports is in no jeopardy.

By the way, it’s 29 years and counting.

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