JACK'S SMACK: College coaches up in arms over hand-checking rules

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - These college basketball coaches are up in arms and whining about the new rules that crackdown on hand checking. I like it.  I want to see games in the 80's again.

The thing I dislike is all the fouls being called.

I know the refs are just doing what they've been told, but come on. They've been choking on their whistle in these exhibition games.

You need to back off, boys.

Under the new rules, it's alright to touch a guy, but you can't take him down. You can no longer put both hands on the player you're guarding.

Coaches need to do a better job teaching these kids how to defend. What we're seeing with the new rule is that the games are too long. Some last two and a half hours because of all the fouls.

Seventy in some games and that's not good.

Bill Self has suggested the way you beat the hand-checking is you drive every ball on every opportunity.
The only trouble with that is it's going to bring on more fouls and more dead time shooting free throws.

It's really pretty simple; go back to the old days when players used their feet in defending and not holding on with both hands.

It clearly got of control with all the mugging going on down in the blocks. It became too physical, something had to give.

Last season, the scoring was the lowest in 30 years with an average of about 68 points a game.

The new rule is all about creating more scoring. That's the way it is in every sport.

In the past, no one other than the coach really cared if a player could defend. Now, they might notice especially the TV executives because the games will be stretched out by 15 to 20 minutes longer.

You know what that means: more time for commercials. Better get used to it.

That's Jack's Smack.

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