JACK'S SMACK: Royals' problems extend beyond the field and into the TV booth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - How many times have you heard Royals fans say this pitching cannot hold up over the long haul?

We're watching that play out, right now.

Just when the bats are starting to make a little noise, a couple of starting pitchers are staggering.

Luis Mendoza can't throw a strike. He can't get anyone out.

Two back-to-back stinkers.

Wade Davis is wobbling.

He's become a liability. Highest E-R-A among starters.

Jeremy Guthrie is giving up a lot of home runs, but that's nothing new.

While he's won seven games, the most on the team, he's given up too many walks lately.

James Shields and Ervin Santana are the only guys in the rotation you can really count on.

The Royals are trying to trade Santana.

He's on loan for the year and since they're not going to win this season, it makes sense to go ahead and try to deal him now.

For the first time this season, the Royals starting pitching must be considered a concern.

This team has no chance of competing without five good starters.

We expected better this year.

It's on us, the fans.

We're gluttons for punishment, because we buy-in year after year.

Fans are growing tired of watching this team--- try to get over .500.

I'll tell you what really sticks in my crawl -- it's the commentary coming out of the TV booth. It's nauseating.

Royals went over the top when they brought in those two windbags from California as broadcasters.
Every time I turn on my TV, I ask, "Where is Frank White?"

Sad, but true, the sound must be muted or the Royals really have become unwatchable on the tube.

That's Jack's Smack.

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