Joe Posnanski fends off critics after releasing Joe Paterno biography

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Kansas City Star columnist is fending off critics after releasing a new book about former Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

Joe Posnanski's book came out a month ago.

We caught up with him Wednesday to talk about his biography, Paterno.

Posnanski says during the two years he spent with the coach, he came to respect him.

So when the Penn State controversy broke, he included very little about the scandal itself.

"His feeling always was, and he said to me again and again, he wish he had done more," Posnanski said. "He wished he had known more, but he certainly did not cover up. He certainly did not do anything to protect and if he had known more, he certainly would have stopped him."

Critics who reviewed the book when it first came out expressed concern about accuracy and doubted it would sell many copies.

" The New York Times wrote a big piece about the book and how it was going to lose $1 million and be one of the all-time book disasters," Posnanski said.

Paterno went on to become a New York Times best seller.

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