Kansas City Chiefs not a local fan favorite, according to blog's Facebook data

Kansas City is a football crazy town. We all know this. But according to the Estately blog , the KC Chiefs, are not our favorite team!

They put out a list of each state's favorite football team, pro or college, and not surprising, the Chiefs are number one in the state of Kansas. But in Missouri, the Arizona Cardinals are apparently the favorite. Even Estately was suprised by this, so they offered a couple of explanations.

They said it maybe the folks in Missouri haven't let go of the fact that the Cardinals moved to Arizona in the 1980's. They also say Facebook could be to blame. The blog uses Facebook data to come up with their lists.

When their data broke down into favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are Kansas' favorite team.

They think maybe there is a glitch on Facebook and it can't tell the difference between the Arizona Cardinals and the St.  Louis Cardinals. But according to Estately, Missouri likes the Chiefs, more than the St. Louis Rams.

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