Kansas City sports skyrocket revenue in local economy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Between U.S. soccer game, the Miami Heat and the undefeated Chiefs, more than 100,000 seats will be filled in Kansas City stadiums in just three days this weekend. That means big money for Kansas City.

Each stadium fully expects to be at capacity.

One group of friends drove all the way from Milwaukee to catch the soccer game. Between gas, hotel rooms, food, and beer, they are dropping plenty of dollars in town.

Johnny's Tavern staff is getting ready for a huge weekend not just because of soccer fans but because NBA fans will pour out of the Sprint Center right across the street.

Restaurant managers said they've ordered lots of beer and told their staff to wear comfortable shoes.

Add that to the Chiefs fans trying to break a world record for noise and you have a recipe for a rocking weekend in Kansas City.

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