Lawrence teen swimmer on the fast track to fame

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A local teenager is making waves in the sports world. Michael Andrew, a swimmer from Lawrence, has already beaten Olympic great Michael Phelps' record and become the youngest male swimmer in the country to go pro.
If the 6-foot-4, 14-year-old keeps up at his current pace, Andrew is in the fast lane to fame.

The teenager has already established himself as one of the sport's best athletes.

He's shattered 32 national swimming records for his age group, has gone pro two years earlier than swimming great Michael Phelps.

Last year, Andrew swam faster in the 200 IM long course than Phelps did at his age.
Andrew swam it faster by almost a second and a half.

"I turned around and looked at the board and I was like whoa! I was jumping around. It was awesome," he said.

Andrew said it is his family who helps make him awesome. His 6-foot-6 dad, is also his coach, his sister Michaela is his "moral support" and his 6-foot-2 mother, Tina, is his agent.

Both parents, who immigrated from South Africa, are gifted athletes, too. His mother was once "Laser" on the British Gladiators, akin to American Gladiators.

Andrews said he has got another tool in his arsenal.

"I'm always praying and thanking God with what I've been blessed with," he said.

His parents, who built a copper lined pool at their Lawrence home, insisted they are devoted to Michael's dream, not theirs.

"How good will he be if he doesn't want to swim? If we're forcing him, there's no way," his father Peter said.

The home schooled student plans to graduate early to devote time to his next goal: the summer Olympics in Rio in 2016.

"I can't wait," said Andrew with a big smile.

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