Lee's Summit West High School football game delayed because of heat, lightning

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The biggest concern for the first football game of the season wasn't the heat; instead it was another weather-related danger.

Mother Nature threw a curve ball, and a lightning storm delayed the Lee's Summit West High School football game another half hour.

The game had already been pushed back an hour, as were other games around the state, due to the 90 degree weather.

Even though it dropped at least 10 degrees before the game began, Susie Humphreys didn’t let her players take any chances.

"We'll continue with our program of trying to get them hydrated as much as possible well have the extra water breaks tonight," she said.

This came a week after a football player at the school collapsed during practice because of the extreme heat.

Parents like Kelly trust the school does what it can to keep their kids safe.

"I know the coaches are going to take real good care of the boys so I'm not worried about it," she said.

Along with delays, players will also receive 20 minute water breaks during August games to make sure they're properly hydrated. 

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