Matt Besler Watch 2014

Kansas City, Mo. - We're calling it Matt Besler Watch 2014. Will he stay or will he go?

With Matt Besler's future still very much up in the air and Dom Dwyer's tweet of this photo:

The sporting media relations department said it was,"Dom being Dom". He's the team prankster.

Here's the latest on Besler:

He's already expressed a real desire to remain with Sporting. The two sides continue negotiations for a new contract that could pay him as much as a million dollars per year. That’s five times what he's making this season.

But keep this in mind, even if Besler signs a new deal with Sporting, an overseas club could work out a mutually agreeable deal with the MLS, Sporting and Matt for him to play overseas.

But that would require an overseas team to come up with a huge transfer fee and that can cost anywhere between $5- $7 million. That's a lot for a defender. So, personally, I don't think he's going anywhere - at least for now.

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