NFL to limit bags brought into stadiums

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The NFL announced some big security changes that will impact fans going to Chiefs games this season.

It will be similar to going through the airport now. Instead of carrying a purse or other bag, you'll have to use a plastic bag or small clutch.

This is all in an effort to tighten stadium security, but these new restrictions aren't sitting well with fans — especially women.

Darlene Engle, a Chiefs fan from Springfield, Mo., said she feels a bag is easier to carry over your shoulder.

"I'm afraid I would lose (a clutch)," she said.

Chiefs President Mark Donovan said he agreed with this policy change before it was put in place.

"We had a good discussion about what made the most sense. The objective is to provide the safest, most enjoyable environment in sports, and that's what every team in the National Football League is going to attempt to do," Donovan said.

Despite the inconvenience, some fans understand the need for heightened security.

"Unfortunately, I think it's just the times that we live in, and it's sad, but I think just for the safety of everybody it's a good idea," said Shanna Drew of Louisburg. "If you're there to enjoy the game, I don't think people should care."

The new policy will not be in place for the Kenny Chesney concert at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday, but the changes will begin league-wide when the NFL pre-season starts in August.

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