Ohio Pee Wee football teams cheer boy, 9, with half a heart to 65-yard touchdown

(NBC News) - Peyton West, of the Goshen Warriors, is one tough 9-year-old. It's his first year on the team and to say it's been exciting is an understatement.

"It's really awesome and it's really fun," said Peyton.

His team's name is a fitting for this little warrior, who was born with half a heart. His mother, Melissa West, said that by the time he was 5 years old, he had undergone three open heart surgeries and has had complications.

"He sustained brain damage as a result (of the complications) and he had to relearn everything from sitting up to eating, breathing and talking. Everything he had to relearn. So now he wears leg braces and he's on a blood thinner and things like that for his heart," Melissa said.

Peyton's father Corey is also part of the team and helps coach.

"Don't ever let anything hold you back and Peyton's a good example of that. He'll go out there and give it his all -- 110 percent. He works just as hard as (everyone else)," said West.

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